1001 Chess Exercises for Beginners by Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

By Franco Masetti, Roberto Messa

Chess is ninety nine% strategies! This famous maxim may possibly sound unusual yet is actually simply an exaggerated easy fact: so as to win extra video games, not anything works higher than education combos. fixing many tactical puzzles is what makes the variation for novices and informal avid gamers. There are sorts of books on strategies, those who introduce the thoughts by means of a a few examples, and workbooks that include a number of routines. Chess masters Franco Masetti and Roberto Messa have performed either: they clarify the fundamental tactical rules and supply an incredible quantity of workouts for every varied subject. 1001 Chess routines for newbies is a brilliant first strategies ebook. It is helping you in picking out susceptible spots within the place of your opponent, in spotting styles of mixtures, and in visualizing methods.

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L"i:xb4+ �a7 4. l"i:b7+ ma8 5. This series of discovered checks concludes with the capture of a good three pieces. This nightmare form of deja vu is called a 'windmill'. Though infrequent, it is one of the most delightful of all tactical motifs. 39 Discovered check 277 278 Simple does it 280 279 Also here 281 I can check too 283 282 Not s o hard Decoy and discovered check Unpin to win Winning the rook 284 286 One little check 285 White to move and win 287 Deflection and discovered check 288 Surprisingly frequent 40 Clearing the diagonal Discovered check 289 290 A beautiful combination 294 293 Out o f the blue First you have t o prepare 295 296 b c d e f Nice and quick A stylish mate 292 a 291 g 297 h Deflection and discovered check 298 A n overloaded knight 299 How t o prevent mate?

A startling tactical Stalemate and perpetual check are n't the only means for securing the draw. blow that secures a draw by perpetual check or stalemate is just as rewarding as a brilliant checkmate. Few things There is also the liquidation sacrifices, where the objective is to simplify to a theoretically drawn endgame position. are as satisfying as 'swindling' our opponent out of what appeared to be certain victory. Remember, the ability to tenaciously defend is as important It should be noted that tactics are as important in the endgame as in the opening and middlegame.

Another decoy and skewer Materially minded 55 White to move Solutions on page 13 1 Deflection is a tactical motif whose objective is to force a piece away from the defence of another piece or a key square. With the spectacular 1 . , White initiates a combination that includes deflection and a pin; Black has no choice but to part with his rook to avoid checkmate. The black queen guards the h4 square, which is a role of The plight of the black queen is vital miserable: if 1... Wb6, there is 2. importance as from this square the Wg7# white queen can force checkmate.

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