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This accomplished advisor is designed for somebody desiring extra perform whereas learning or clean geometry talents. just like latest titles within the sequence, 501 Geometry Questions is helping organize for educational tests and builds challenge fixing talents. each one query is followed by way of an entire resolution rationalization with a completely displayed solution.
This booklet is helping readers: research math innovations and homes; paintings with traces and angles; determine and classify all shapes; confirm ratios and percentage; and more

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Without more information, this question cannot be determined. 103. c. Congruent supplementary angles always measure 90° each: m∠ABE = x m∠GIJ = x m∠ABE + m∠GIJ = 180; replace each angle with its measure: x + x = 180 2x = 180; divide each side by 2: x = 90 Any 90° angle is a right angle. 104. d. When two angles are supplementary to the same angle, they are congruent to each other: m∠EDF + m∠HIJ =180 m∠EDF + m∠SUV = 180 m∠EDF + m∠HIJ = m∠SUV + m∠EDF; subtract m∠EDF from each side: m∠HIJ = m∠SUV Set 21 105.

C. ∠1 is the vertical angle to ∠TLK, which is given. ∠2 is the vertical pair to ∠NOM, which is also given. Since vertical angles are congruent, ∠1 and ∠2 measure 42° and 97°, respectively. To find the measure of ∠3, subtract the sum of ∠1 and ∠2 from 180° (the sum of the measure of a triangle’s interior angles): 180 – (42 + 97) = m∠3 41 = m∠3 99. a. There are two ways to find the measure of exterior angle OPS. The first method subtracts the measure of ∠3 from 180°. The second method adds the measures of ∠1 and ∠2 together because the measure of an exterior angle equals the sum of the two nonadjacent interior angles.

65. If ∠12 and ∠15 are congruent and equal, then ________. 66. If ∠8 and ∠4 are congruent and equal, then ________. Set 14 Circle the correct answer True or False. 67. Angles formed by a transversal and two parallel lines are either complementary or congruent. True or False 68. When four rays extend from a single endpoint, adjacent angles are always supplementary. True or False 69. Angles supplementary to the same angle or angles with the same measure are also equal in measure. 31 Team-LRN True or False 501 Geometry Questions 70.

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