A Chain of Kings: The Makassarese Chronicles of Gowa and by William Cummings

By William Cummings

The chronicles of Gowa and Talloq are crucial old assets for the learn of pre-colonial Makassar. they've got supplied the fundamental framework and lots more and plenty of the data that we own concerning the origins, progress, and enlargement of Gowa in the course of the 16th and 17th centuries. in this interval Gowa and its shut best friend Talloq grew to become the main strong strength within the jap Indonesian archipelago, and historians have relied seriously at the chronicles to chart the advancements of this era. on hand for the 1st time in English translation, the 2 texts will supply historians and different students a useful origin on which to base interpretations of this important position and time in Indonesian heritage. This quantity is needed studying for students of pre-modern Southeast Asia, together with historians, linguists, anthropologists, and others. complete textual content (Open entry)

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Together [the parties] agreed. It was called the treaty on the north of Boné. Precisely there was established the Three Lands97 by Karaeng Tumamenang ri Makkoayang. After agreeing98 with the people of Boné he came out to Makassar. Upon arriving there he was installed as ruler by Tumamenang ri Makkoayang. For twenty-five years he ruled99 then died. He died cut down on board ship, on the north side of Agangnionjoq, seawards of Lipukasiq, during harvest in Maros, on the third night of the month, cut down by his milk-sibling.

This karaeng conquered Bajeng; conquered all the peoples of Polombangkeng; first warred with the Bugis at Bampangang; then mastered Lamuru right to the Walenae. He took saqbu katti from them, then took the sword of their ancestors,48 I Lapasari. He then had the one from Soppéng49 named Puang ri Jammaq swear an oath and took the sword of their ancestors named I Lapattuli. [He conquered Datuq Baine named]50 I Daengku and her vassals. He conquered Cenrana, Saluqmekkoq, Cino,51 Patukung, Kalubimbing, BuloBulo, Raja, Lamatti.

His karaeng-title before he ruled was Karaeng ri Bontolangkasaq. 108 Another daughter, her personal name, may I not be cursed, was I Callanna. Her royal name was I Daeng Tamaqring. Her karaeng-title was Karaeng Tabaringang. 109 Before having children she was widowed by Karaeng Kotengang. She was then married by Karaeng Sanrabone named I Pammusurang and had a child Karaeng Malolo, and had a child Karaeng Panarukang Baine, and had a child Karaeng Tamananga, and had a child Karaeng Taniciniq. Divorcing from Karaeng ri Sanrabone, she was married by Karaeng Patteqne and had a child Karaeng Patteqne who was killed on Buton.

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