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A Progress of Sentiments: Reflections on Hume's Treatise

Annette Baier's target is to make feel of David Hume's Treatise as an entire. Hume's kinfolk motto, which appears to be like on his bookplate, used to be "True to the top. " Baier argues that it's not until eventually the top of the Treatise that we get his complete tale approximately "truth and falsehood, cause and folly. " via the top, we will be able to see the reason to which Hume has been actual during the paintings.

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The fundamental principles of Marxist atheism are as follows: (1) evaluation of religion as a totality of ideas born of Man's dependence on the elemental forces and specific social conditions; (2) specification of the link between religion and the objectives pursued by the reaction­ ary classes interested in perpetuat­ ing religious and social illusions; (3) explanation of the fact that the campaign against religion is first and foremost a campaign against those social and economic prac­ tices, of which it is a distorted re­ flection.

MAN {Sanskrit), one of the main concepts in the religious-mythologi­ cal system of Hinduism. In Vedic lit­ erature, particularly in the Upani­ shads, the term designates the soul or self within the human individual and also on the universal level. or Brahman and the achievement of their identification is one of the main precepts of Hinduism. - ATOMISM, (1) a philosophical doc­ trine in Ancient Greece · (Leucippus, Rome (Lu ­ Vaisheshika school), according to which the world consists of indivisible particles that are eternal and indestructible · and which move in a void.

Atheist educa­ tion is a complex and multifaceted process involving a variety of meth­ ods, forms and means of ideological influence. ). It is essential that all these methods and means be combined tggether and · interwoven. ATHEIST PROPAGANDA, explana­ tion of the inconsistency of religious dogma and substantiation of the scientific materialist world outlook designed to influence the ideas of an individual or group of people. Athe­ ist propaganda is an essential com­ ponent of atheist education.

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