A first book of C++ by Gary J Bronson; Marie Lee

By Gary J Bronson; Marie Lee

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Therefore, the iostream header file must be included in all programs using cout. 1, preprocessor commands don’t end with a semicolon. Following the preprocessor #include command is a statement containing the reserved word using. The following statement, for example, tells the compiler where to find header files in the absence of an explicit designation: usingƒnamespaceƒstd; You can think of a namespace as a file the compiler accesses when it’s looking for prewritten classes or functions. 7 By using namespaces, you can create your own classes and functions with the same names the standard library provides and place them in differently named namespaces.

Test the algorithm written for Exercise 1c using the following sample data: half dollars 0, quarters 17, dimes 24, nickels 16, and pennies 12. 1c 33 1/18/11 10:43 AM 34 Getting Started 2. (Practice) A C++ program is required to calculate the value of distance, in miles, given this relationship: distance = average - speed × time a. b. c. d. For this programming problem, how many outputs are required? How many inputs does this problem have? Write an algorithm for converting the input items into output items.

A computer program is a self-contained unit of instructions and data used to operate a computer to produce a specific result. 2. An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure that must terminate; it describes how a computation or task is to be performed. 3. A C++ program consists of one or more modules called functions. One of these functions must be called main(). The main() function identifies the starting point of a C++ program. 4. The simplest C++ program consists of the single function main() and has this form: #includeƒ usingƒnamespaceƒstd; intƒmain() { ƒƒprogramƒstatementsƒinƒhere; ƒƒreturnƒ0; } This program consists of a preprocessor #include statement, a using statement, a header line for the main() function, and the body of the main() function.

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