A grammar of the Irish language by Henry Joseph Monck Mason

By Henry Joseph Monck Mason

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In a conversation with an anglophone girl in March, Martin was aggrieved because he had only one cupcake holder and the girl had more: (28) Martin: You got some lots. It's not to behave some lots. I need some you got lots of. The girl did not give up any of her cupcake holders as a result of Martin's reproach, to which she did not respond in any discernible way. Martin made many other attempts to express complicated meanings. Sometimes his interlocutors could easily comprehend his contributions, sometimes they could not.

5 hour Language Arts class. During this Grade 2 year, graduate student researchers Sarah Yip and Elaine Day also conducted observations. Sarah and Elaine observed sometimes on the same day as I did, sometimes on other days. Throughout, we kept fieldnotes and frequently audio-taped classroom interactions. Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Education video technician, Linda Hof, who had much classroom video-taping experience, video-taped the classrooms at least once a month throughout the three years of the study, for a total of almost 80 hours of video-tape.

Consequently, the children as a whole (except for one student whose parents refused permission for video-taping) were observed, video-taped and audio-recorded. I was a uniquely positioned participant in the community of this kindergarten. I had access not only to my observations of the children and the classroom and my interpretations of those observations, but also to some of the teacher's and parents' stories and interpretations. The following selections from the data address the question of what kind of person each child was taken to be and/or became in the context of the kindergarten class.

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