A History of Political Murder in Latin America: Killing the by W. John Green

By W. John Green

This expansive background depicts Latin the USA s pan-regional tradition of political homicide. not like typi

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When coup-minded elements of the military assassinated General René Schneider, out-going president Eduardo Frei Montalva named Prats his replacement as Commander-in-Chief of the army in October 1970. Prats picked up the mantle of leadership for the “constitutionalists,” as the followers of the “Schneider Doctrine” of nonpolitical interference were 32 / A History of Political Murder in Latin America known. Yet Prats went further and became a clear supporter of the Allende government, serving in his cabinet in various capacities.

S. networks and around the world. It had a clear impact on the United States government’s decision to openly turn against Somoza. The soldiers undoubtedly knew that Stewart was an American. Perhaps he was shot because the regime was collapsing, and the soldiers were tired, angry, and badly led, or perhaps it was because they did not appreciate (or care about) the damage the murder would inflict on government. But in all likelihood Stewart’s murder was also a matter of policy. One of the most iconic murders of a journalist was the killing of Rodolfo Walsh in Argentina.

7 Joan Kruckewitt characterized people disappeared in Honduras as refugees from El Salvador, students, labor leaders and union activists, secondary teachers and college professors, journalists, peasant leaders, and of course, leftists and their sympathizers. 12 What follows is a taste, a small, controlled tap of the keg. If the spigot were opened wide, the resulting torrent of victims would overwhelm the discussion, and require a chapter many thousands of pages long. Revolutionaries and Former Guerrillas The desire to eliminate the most obvious emissaries of change—the revolutionaries, guerrillas, and insurgent leaders, those actively seeking the reordering of society through violent means—is perhaps the easiest to understand.

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