A Woman's Quest for Spiritual Guidance: the correspondence by Angela Hero

By Angela Hero

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Inasmuch as I am inferior to that man and less accomplished in the pursuit of virtue-and I must add to this the superiority of the praise and of the admirer-I am led further away from God by being praised. Let the burden stop here, then, lest like a small boat, having taken a heavier load than I can carry, I go under. That renowned emperor and your wise father should have been born immortal because of all they had and gave to others. I am well aware of being too lowly for their love. 40 < Έπιστολη Έβδόμη ) 5 10 15 20 25 Μ η δ ο ξ α σ θ ή σ ε τ α ι α ξ ί ν η ά ν ε υ τ ο υ ε λ­ κ ο ν τ ο ς α υ τ ή ν, η στομωθήσεται σίδηρος άνευ πυ­ ρος καΙ ϋδατος; οϋτως ουδε νους φιλόσοφος δοξασθή­ σεται καΙ ακμαιότερος εσται άνευ του έπαινουντος καΙ ψέγοντος' καΙ γαρ καΙ ό επαινος Όπλον αρετης γίνεται τφ αγωνιστύ , κατα τον του αποστόλου λόγον τον λέγον­ τα δ ι α τ ω ν Ό π λ ω ν τ η ς δ ι κ α ι ο σ ύ ν η ς τ ω ν δ ε ξ ι ω ν κ α Ι α ρ ι σ τ ε Ρ ω ν, δ ι α δ ό ξ η ς κ α Ι α τ ι μ ί α ς, δ ι α δ υ σ φ η μ ί α ς κ α Ι ε υ φ η μ ία ς.

The fire-breathing rhetoric or the saintly and most pious and proficient instruction? " In such an impeccable manner you deal a vital blow to the enemy of truth! Or is not the benefit of your teaching < to be admired >? Not only < the benefit > of those for whom it was written, but of us also who read it. For we are certainly taught about gentleness of spirit and the meaning of forbearance and the laws of double peace-I mean both the divine and human-and what was the peace that Christ bequeathed to His disciples and what is human peace, and how he who is to have the Holy Spirit dwell in him needs the divine peace.

S 237v-237ar 1 πέμπτη smg 11 13-14 Cf. Joannes Colobus, Apophthegmata, 32 (Apoph­ thegmata patrum, ΡΟ 65. 213Ω-16Α) 6 εοικεν 11 13 έξότου S 11 18 γίνωμαι S 39 < Letter 6 > Will you not stop seducing my wretched and vain soul from its established way of life with your praises? Because I already foresaw this and was well aware of my own weakness, I did not dare to give such a pretext against me to a mind so fond of learn­ ing. With respect to me, you seem to be the only one who has retained an absolute sense of the good, since you keenly perceive even the smallest good and admire it as much as no one admires even the greatest and most worthwhile.

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