AbraVocabra the amazingly sensible approach to teaching by Rider A., et al.

By Rider A., et al.

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Yelled Uncle Lou, and he let out a loud (6)________________. Antonio had always loved Uncle Lou’s weird laugh. He also loved the way he played the accordion at family weddings and soon had everyone dancing, even people who said they didn’t dance. When they entered Uncle Lou’s new apartment, Antonio was surprised at the (7)________________ furnishings. They each took a chair (the only two pieces of furniture in the living room), and Antonio noticed that the walls were covered with interesting baseball (8)________________.

D. e. f. g. h. i. j. k. l. m. n. o. happening once a year very fat very blonde vicious; cruel a document that shows a person voluntarily gives up a right, claim or privilege weird; distorted to fight or quarrel over something silly a stupid or clumsy mistake poisonous; unhealthy; harmful a ruler who abuses power to stare stupidly cat-like; a member of the cat family armadillo-like; a member of the armadillo family speechless because of shock or amazement cheesy ____ 12. dumbfounded Fill-in-the-Blank Directions: The first 10 words listed above belong in the story below.

Miranda waited patiently for a whole year, getting more and more depressed. Finally, she ventured outside to find her roommate. As she walked deep into the forest, she heard Yolanda’s voice. Soon she came upon Yolanda sitting on a tree stump with a handsome, smiling troll. “Where have you been? ” Miranda asked angrily. “Well, the last time I went out looking for ginger root to cheer you up, I met Sebastian,” said Yolanda. “He was so (10)__________________ and happy about life AbraVocabra • Copyright © 2003 Cottonwood Press, Inc.

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