Access VPN Solutions Using Tunneling Technology

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23 Type escape sequence to abort. 23, timeout is 2 seconds: !!!!! Success rate is 100 percent (5/5), round-trip min/avg/max = 128/131/144 ms Verify connectivity between the home gateway and the NAS. Configuring the Access VPN to Work with Local AAA 45 Configuring Local AAA In this section, the enterprise customer configures local AAA and the usernames needed to authenticate the user and the tunnel: Use this command To do this ENT_HGW(config)# aaa new-model Enable the AAA access control system. This step immediately locks down login and PPP authentication.

Transition states in the debug output signify that everything is operating properly. If you do not see transition states, look at the disconnect reason for the modem. For example, enter the show modem log 1/4 command. 487: VDEV_ALLOCATE: slot 1 and port 4 is allocated. 22) Note If you are still experiencing problems, contact your escalation support personnel. Configuring the NAS for Basic Dial Access 39 40 Access VPN Solutions Using Tunneling Technology Configuring the Access VPN to Work with Local AAA Introduction In this second task, the ISP and enterprise customer: • • • • Configure their network devices to work as an access VPN Use local AAA to authenticate the tunnel and the users Verify that the access VPN works properly Troubleshoot the access VPN if there are problems The ISP configures the NAS, and the enterprise customer configures the home gateway.

In this example, the call comes in to the NAS on asynchronous interface 14. The asynchronous interface is up. 410: %LINK-3-UPDOWN: Interface Async14, changed state to up Note No debug commands are turned on to display this log message. Start troubleshooting the NAS if you do not see the above message after 30 seconds of when the client first transmits the call. Step 4—Pinging the Home Gateway From the client, ping the home gateway. From the client’s Windows 95 desktop: (a) Click Start. (b) Select Run.

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