AdvancED ActionScript 3.0 Animation by Keith Peters

By Keith Peters

This booklet is a compilation of complex ActionScript 3.0 animation concepts for any person developing video games, person interplay, or movement keep watch over with ActionScript. it really is an anthology of themes that stick with from the author's previous booklet, origin ActionScript 3.0 Animation: Making issues circulation, and issues that grew to become attainable in model 10 of Flash participant. This booklet covers a various collection of themes that do not inevitably lead one into the opposite. you don't want first of all bankruptcy 1 and browse it disguise to hide. simply begin with any bankruptcy that appears attention-grabbing and leap round as you spot healthy. during this booklet, you can find chapters on complex collision detection, man made intelligence and guidance behaviors, isometric projection, utilizing the digital camera and microphone for enter, 3D, and lots more and plenty, even more. complicated ActionScript 3.0 Animation can also be extra experimental in nature. The innovations proven the following is probably not find out how to do issues, yet they need to paintings good and get you all started on your personal efforts to accomplish an ideal implementation. in reality, some of the chapters may be obvious as introductions to very complicated subject matters which could fill an entire e-book via themselves. lots of those topics were largely coated in other places, yet no longer unavoidably detailed for Flash or ActionScript 3.0. So it took a good quantity of labor to tug the knowledge jointly and get all of it operating and clarify all of it basically in ActionScript. This e-book will encourage you in finding out approximately topics that you just will possibly not have thought of prior to, appearing as a springboard into your individual learn into the probabilities of ActionScript 3.0.

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The loop that does the checking between all the particles is in bold. That’s the part we need to replace with the grid. We’ll also probably see some improvement simply by changing the arrays into vectors. If you are curious, first try changing each instance of =nn]u to Ra_pkn*8@eolh]uK^fa_p: and see how much that improves things. You’ll also need to import the bh]od*`eolh]u*@eolh]uK^fa_p class and cast the objects to the >]hh class when you access them, like so: r]nl]npe_ha6>]hh9l]npe_haoWeY]o>]hh7 In my tests, although there seemed to be some improvement, it was slight.

Deh`$^]hh%7 [^]hho*lqod$^]hh%7 y y Again, nothing too complex here. This makes an array, runs a loop creating a bunch of instances of >]hh, randomly scatters them around the stage, adds them to the display list, and pushes them in the [^]hho array. Next is the i]gaCne`$% method: lner]pabqj_pekji]gaCne`$%6rke` w [cne`9jas=nn]u$%7 ++op]case`pd+cne`oeva9jqi^ankb_khqijo bkn$r]ne6ejp9,7e8op]ca*op]caSe`pd+CNE@[OEVA7e''% w [cne`WeY9jas=nn]u$%7 ++op]cadaecdp+cne`oeva9jqi^ankbnkso bkn$r]nf6ejp9,7f8op]ca*op]caDaecdp+CNE@[OEVA7f''% w [cne`WeYWfY9jas=nn]u$%7 y y y 23 CHAPTER 1 Here we create a two-dimensional array in which each element represents a square portion of the screen.

Furthermore, the hit testing algorithm is coded into it as a distance-based collision detection. You might want to use a simple depPaopK^fa_p or even a bitmap-based hit test instead. So let’s create a new class that handles all these issues and is about as optimized as I could make it. Y7 eb$_ahh=99jqhhxx_ahh>99jqhh%napqnj7  33 CHAPTER 1 r]n_ahh=Hajcpd6ejp9_ahh=*hajcpd7 r]n_ahh>Hajcpd6ejp9_ahh>*hajcpd7 ++_kil]na]hhk^foejkja_ahhpk]hhejpdakpdan bkn$r]ne6ejp9,7e8_ahh=Hajcpd7e''% w r]nk^f=6@eolh]uK^fa_p9_ahh=WeY7 bkn$r]nf6ejp9,7f8_ahh>Hajcpd7f''% w r]nk^f>6@eolh]uK^fa_p9_ahh>WfY7 [_da_go*lqod$k^f=(k^f>%7 y y y  lq^he_bqj_pekjcap_da_go$%6=nn]u w napqnj[_da_go7 y y y Most of this code should be familiar from the previous example.

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