Advanced Mean Field Methods: Theory and Practice by Manfred Opper, David Saad

By Manfred Opper, David Saad

A big challenge in glossy probabilistic modeling is the large computational complexity fascinated with normal calculations with multivariate chance distributions whilst the variety of random variables is huge. simply because distinct computations are infeasible in such instances and Monte Carlo sampling ideas could succeed in their limits, there's a desire for tactics that permit for effective approximate computations. one of many easiest approximations relies at the suggest box approach, which has a protracted heritage in statistical physics. the strategy is customary, rather within the turning out to be box of graphical models.Researchers from disciplines reminiscent of statistical physics, computing device technological know-how, and mathematical information are learning how you can increase this and comparable equipment and are exploring novel software parts. prime methods contain the variational strategy, which works past factorizable distributions to accomplish systematic advancements; the faucet (Thouless-Anderson-Palmer) method, which contains correlations by way of together with potent response phrases within the suggest box conception; and the extra common tools of graphical models.Bringing jointly principles and methods from those varied disciplines, this publication covers the theoretical foundations of complicated suggest box tools, explores the relation among the various methods, examines the standard of the approximation got, and demonstrates their software to numerous parts of probabilistic modeling.

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Before, we work out the mean field approximations for the general case, we first illustrate this idea for Boltzmann distributions in section 3. Subsequently, in section 4 we consider the general case. Finally, in section 5 we illustrate the approach for sigmoid belief networks. 2 Mean field theory In this section we consider a form of mean field theory that was previously proposed by Plefka [13] for Boltzmann-Gibbs distributions. It turns out, however, that the restriction to Boltzmann-Gibbs distributions is not necessary and one can derive results that are valid for arbitrary probability distributions.

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