Advances in the Study of Bilingualism by Enlli Mon Thomas, Ineke Mennen

By Enlli Mon Thomas, Ineke Mennen

This publication presents a modern method of the research of bilingualism. Drawing on contributions from prime specialists within the box, this e-book brings jointly - in one quantity - a range of the intriguing paintings performed as a part of the programme of the ESRC Centre for examine on Bilingualism in thought and perform at Bangor collage, Wales.

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Thus, according to descriptive accounts, English /r/ is realised as a post-alveolar approximant [ɹ], whereas Welsh /r/ is realised as a voiced or voiceless aspirated alveolar trill, that is, [r] or [rh] respectively. However, these ° by Welsh-English bilinguals. 1 Welsh and English onset clusters included in the study Cluster type Welsh-only English-only Shared stop + /l/ stop + /r/ stop + /w/ stop + /n/ fricative + /l/ fricative + /r/ fricative + /w/ /s/ + stop /s/ + nasal /s/ + stop + sonorant /g/ + /w/ + sonorant /tl/ – /gw/ /kn/ – – /xw/ – – /sgl/ /gwn gwr gwl/ – /dr/ /tw/ – – /θr ʃr/ – – /sn/ /spl spr/ – /pl bl kl gl/ /pr br tr kr gr/ /dw kw/ – /fl sl/ /fr/ /sw/ /sb sd sg/ (/sp st sk/) /sm/ /sgw sgr sdr/ (/skw skr str/) – make use of the post-alveolar approximant, and instead use trilled realisations in all instances.

L1 attrition Very generally, L1 attrition can be described as a process characterised by changes in a native language (here used synonymously with L1) under the influence of the acquisition of an L2. More specifically, L1 attrition has been defined as the non-pathological loss of a native language within an individual (Köpke & Schmid, 2004), and in particular that which is not age-related. , 1971; Goral, 2004; Linville, 1996; Linville & Rens, 2001). Although age-related language loss is of relevance to research in L1 attrition, changes to the L1 in the context of bilingualism is the focus of research in L1 attrition (Köpke, 2004).

Only Welsh /sdr/ was realised as [t], only English /str/ as [sp], [tw] and [ɬt]. However, in both languages, [st]-realisations predominated. Similarly, only Welsh /sgr/ was realised as [s], only English /skr/ as [kr], with [sk] the predominant pattern in both languages. Together, these results indicate that the Welsh-English bilingual children have differentiated phonological systems. Cross-linguistic interactions As mentioned previously, many studies have revealed cross-linguistic interactions (Fabiano-Smith & Barlow, 2010; Holm & Dodd, 1999; Paradis, 2001; Yang & Hua, 2010).

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