Advice to the Minister of Music: Get a Giant Hat Rack by Cheri Walters

By Cheri Walters

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If you can answer “true” to any of the above statements, it’s time to reevaluate the problem relationship(s), whether it’s at home, at church, or on the job. Seek help from your pastor or a trusted older colleague in ministry or a professional Christian counselor. Sometimes the stress is temporary—a particularly frantic holiday season, a financial burden; sometimes it is more fundamental—a tendency to take on other people’s problems to a debilitating degree, an overwhelming need to please everyone.

I took Charlene’s word for it that there was nothing I could say or do to make it right— so I never tried. And Gene never came back to the choir during my term there. As painful as that memory is, I review it for its lessons. Time and experience have allowed me to do that with some degree of distance, if not objectivity, so that remembering it now I hurt less for me and more for Gene. I regret that something I did or said, however well-intentioned, damaged another individual’s self-esteem. I especially regret that I never told him that.

We’ve got to read everything we can, go to seminars, talk to other communicators, experiment with new ways of getting the gospel message across. Remember, it’s the greatest news of all! h 5 The Manager’s Hat So you’re the new music minister. You arrive at the church office, unpack a few books, sit down at your desk, and then what? You haven’t got the foggiest idea where to start. “Whoa! ” You protest. “I should be so lucky! An office? A desk? ” Some of you have the luxury of being confused in your own office in a full-time position.

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