After Suicide (Christian Care Books) by John H. Hewett

By John H. Hewett

"For the person within the throes of responding to the....suicide of a family member, this e-book offers beneficial perception into the event. this type of cognitive wisdom can really alleviate discomfort via being a competent advisor throughout the process".---The Theological Educator.

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Suicide rates plummet during wartime, but rise sharply during periods of severe economic crisis and high unemployment. This was shown in America during the Great Depression of the 1930's. Currently, in its rate of reported suicides, the United States ranks in about the middle of the list of countries reporting to the United Nations. Austria, West Germany, Hungary, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland report significantly higher rates than ours. Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain indicate far fewer suicides than are reported by the United States.

I hope they will speak knowledge and the assurance of truth into the silently fearful aftermath of suicide. No one knows precisely how many persons choose to end their lives each year. Official suicide statistics are notoriously unreliable. They are unreliable because thousands of suicides go unreported every year. If you question why accurate data cannot be accumulated on the prevalence of suicide in this country, several reasons can be readily identified. First, families often go to great lengths to suppress the fact of suicide.

1975) This is, of course, scant comfort for the family of a completed suicide. It stresses once more the painful presence of willful choice and responsibility in the victim's decision to die. However, if one of your family members is currently having suicidal impulses as a result of this suicide, you need to assure him or her that help is available to endure the crisis period. Suicidal impulses are not a lifelong curse. You don't have to be haunted forever by the fatal urges you may be feeling at the moment.

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