Aizen-Myoo: The Esoteric King of Lust, An Iconological Study by Roger Goepper

By Roger Goepper

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Rijksrnuseurn voor Volkenkunde, Leiden: The E n ~ h ~\ Vl q qfTe6. Leiden 1980, cat. no. 12. Cf. infra. For the tale-headed form in the Tachikana Sect see Moriyama 1965, 137;hlanabe 1980,129. Moriyarna 1965, 583-87. 10. The in one Five-Pronged Vajra (goko-sho)this figure is meant.. "j9 But there are also more philosophical explanations, for instance in the Byakuh6-she: "This two-headed figure comes forth from the Spiritual Sea (shinkai)of Vairocana, because it floats on the water of Great Knowledge about the Great Compassion which is identical with the .

S e ~ ~corresponds to the Sanskrit name Takki-raja, this This version is called Taki-6 in ~ a ~ a n e which Indian deity being treated in the next chapter (fig. 21). When dealing with the Indian and Tibetan deities parallel to Aizen-my66 we will have the opportunity to analyze the strange designation "Takki". Here we would only like to mention that one of the most common Mantras for our deity from India to Tibet and Japan is: "Om Takki hiim jah". Takki-raja may be identified with By6d6-6 (cf. no.

The connection between the God of Death and the King of Lust may be established by the statement "that Emma-ten regulates the destinies of men and is therefore also called 'King who grasps the hearts' (Akushin-6)". His ritual was transmitted mainly in the Ono-School of Shingon-Mikky6. " 48 " Kakuzen-shi, T Z 5,256 and pl. 286; Daigo-ji nos. 163-4 and 165-29. Kakuzen-shi, T Z 5,248 and pl. 283; Byakuhi-shi, T Z 10,1048; Daigo-ji nos. 163-4 and 165-29, etc. Biography o f Kangu in Denti Kiroku, ZSZS 33, 264-65.

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