Algebraic inequalities by Vasile Cirtoaje

By Vasile Cirtoaje

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Time for action – finding IDs of elements on the page with Firebug In this section, we are going to find a number of elements that are on the page. You will need to have Firebug installed for this. We are going to look at how to find the ID of an element using Firefox. 1. Click on the Firebug icon. This is the bug icon on the bottom of Firefox. 2. Click on the icon to the left-hand side of Console 3. Move your mouse over the element that you wish to have a look at. 4. Move your mouse over different elements.

Go back to the parent window and click on the link to launch the second pop-up window. 5. Verify the text on the page. 6. Move to the first pop-up window and close it using the close link. 7. Move to the second pop-up window and close it using the close link. 8. Move back to the parent window and verify an element on that page. 9. Run your test and watch how it moves between the windows. When complete, it should look similar to the next screenshot: [ 22 ] Chapter 1 What just happened? We just had a look at creating a test that can move between multiple windows.

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