Architecture d'intérieur : Cours pratique et théorique by Tomris Tangaz

By Tomris Tangaz

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Atomic Ranch: Design Ideas for Stylish Ranch Homes

Atomic Ranch is an in-depth exploration of post-World struggle II residential structure in the United States. Mid-century ranches (1946-1970) diversity from the decidedly glossy gable-roofed Joseph Eichler tracts within the San Francisco Bay quarter and butterfly wing homes in Palm Springs, Florida, to the unassuming brick or stucco L-shaped ranches and split-levels so universal during the usa.

Anti-Ugly: Excursions in English Architecture and Design

Seeing that 2004 Gavin Stamp, one in every of Britain's most outstanding and readable architectural historians, has written a per month column for Apollo, the esteemed structure and positive artwork journal. the topic is just no matter what in layout or structure occurs to take his fancy. it'd be the luxurious reopening of the outstanding Midland Grand resort at St Pancras Station, or the dilapidation of a little-known church in Eastbourne, the much-lamented death of the unique Routemaster bus, or the vast majesty of the airship sheds that housed the R.

City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles

Mike Davis friends right into a taking a look glass to divine the way forward for l. a., and what he sees isn't really encouraging: a city--or higher, a concatenation of competing urban states--torn through racial enmity, monetary disparity, and social anomie. taking a look backward, Davis means that la has regularly been contested floor.

A History of Ottoman Architecture

A background of Ottoman Architecture'''' supplies a transparent and concise description of the historical past of the structure produced below the Ottoman Empire, concentrating on the extant structures within the Republic of Turkey, fairly these in Istanbul and the empire's prior capitals in Bursa and Edirne. The monuments in each one bankruptcy are defined in chronological order, with pictures of every of them (sometimes in previous prints exhibiting them as they have been in occasions past), besides photos exhibiting their plan and elevation.

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