Armanen Runes by Karl Hanz, Welz

By Karl Hanz, Welz

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R. The Rune RIT can awaken and develop in you the power of skillful visualization. Visualization is a powerful aid to perform Runic operations as well as any other magical practice. ” When studying this course you will understand much better the function of ceremonial utensils as structural links. CANDLES There is hardly any ceremonial where Light would not play an important role. Light is neutral. Depending on the action to be performed it assumes some color. Since Light is so important, most ceremonials contain and include something that symbolizes Light.

Thor's Hammer is your tool on the material planes that reaches beyond the confines of space and time. It is your instrument of power, your connection to your universe, your power of projecting into your universe whatever energy you charge the hammer. Thor's Hammer, therefore, is the most powerful Runic talisman, symbolizing the element earth on your altar. You need to learn to use Thor's Hammer properly. Tune into the Nordic mythology of the god Thor and his hammer, and you will gain additional information about this powerful tool of Rune Practice.

Chemical formulas can describe some aspects of all those phenomena. Similarly, we may state that we do not know of anything that does not have aspects that we can describe with the symbolisms of physics, astrology, mathematics, the cabalistic symbolism, etc. Yet, none of these symbolisms should be viewed as a world formula. They may be useful mappings, no more. But there are people out there who confuse that which they can describe with the mapping itself, hence the "worldformula syndrome" found in many metaphysical circles, among astrologer, cabalists, and in circles of many "skeptics" whose background is a mere pop science (this horrible distortion of useful science that takes on many of the negative aspects of a fanatic religious creed).

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