Atoms III — Molecules I / Atome III — Moleküle I by S. Flügge

By S. Flügge

dissociation, E, of a dimer into monomers and that, E', of a trimer right into a dimer and a monomer. The saw pace distribution for a beam of sodium iodide is proven in Fig. 23. The monomer and dimer distributions, that are all of the kind of Eq. (9. 2), are individually proven. The sum of the 2 assumed distributions is obvious to trust the experimental facts. the knowledge for lithium bromide are proven in Fig. 24. The separate distributions for the monomer, dimer, and trimer required to slot the knowledge are proven as is the sum of those distributions. An try and describe the saw distribution when it comes to a monomer and a dimer purely is proven through the dotted line, the place the relative quantities of those species were adjusted to offer a healthy at the low pace facet of the spectrum. desk 2. precis oj info at the measure of organization oj diatomic molecules. the information at the fluorides are from unpublished result of M. EISENSTADT, G. ROTHBERG and P. KUSCH. Uncertainties in E and E' are given in parentheses. E E' Temperature okay I ----- ----" Species at which a2 a, kcaljmole p~10-2mmHg RbCl 866 zero. 063 forty eight. zero (0. five) I KCI zero. 083 897 45·8 (0. 7) I KI 823 zero. 046 , 45·3 (0·9) NaC] 920 zero. 259 forty four. 6 (0·9) i NaI 817 zero. 235 38. 6 (3-4) LiC] 2.

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6 Xi 0- 7 n. 6 X 10- 8 mm Hg. In many applications, particularly those involving the deflection of a nuclear moment, the pressure at the detector will be even less than this. Furthermore, the change in beam pressure associated with a transition will ordinarily be a small fraction of the total beam pressure. Since the total number of particles striking the detector per unit time is small, a detector which converts the neutral beam into a current must deal with small currents. Thus for the example given in Sect.

Two schemes have been employed for observing transitions of the particles between different quantum states. Suppose the apparatus has been designed so that refocussing occurs if the particles remain in the same state throughout the trajectory. Then refocussing will not occur if the particles undergo a transition in the region 13 and 14 to a state with a different magnetic moment, and hence the transition is observed by the decrease in the beam intensity at the detector. A second method is to arrange the deflecting B-magnet in such a way that refocussing occurs at the detector only if a specified moment change occurs in the transition region 13 and 14 , In this case a transition is detected by an increase in the beam intensity at the detector provided that the transition results in the specified moment change.

30. Relative beam intensity at detector as a function non-zero. /a for ratio of undeflecrectangular beam width occur as the particle passes through a region where the field ted to detector width of 2, comis weak and is changing rapidly in direction 4. More gener- puted from Eq. 1O). The half width of the undeflected ally, a particle travelling through a region of non-uniform beam is a and of the detector is d where Wd = 2 d. magnetic field is subjected to a time varying field, and if the amplitude of the effective Fourier component at a possible transition frequency is sufficiently large, a transition can occur.

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