Augustine's Laws by Norman R. Augustine

By Norman R. Augustine

This article is a suite of fifty two legislation that disguise each zone of commercial. each one legislations formulates a house fact approximately company lifestyles, equivalent to, "One-tenth of the members produce over one-third of the output. expanding the variety of contributors purely reduces the common output". one other instance of 1 of "Augustine's legislation" is legislations quantity XI, "If the Earth will be made to rotate two times as quick, managers might get two times as a lot performed. If the Earth will be made to rotate 20 occasions as speedy, each person else might get two times as a lot performed given that all of the managers may fly off".

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2; samples at radar noise level shown black). This phenomenon is henceforth referred to as the occurrence of microshadow within macropatches of clutter. Microshadow is inescapable in low-angle clutter statistics. The correct way of dealing with microshadow is as follows: once the boundaries of a spatial clutter patch are defined (for example, by terrain visibility in DTED), all of the samples returned from within the patch boundaries must be included in the clutter statistics, including those at radar noise level.

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