Away3D 3.6 Essentials by Matthew Casperson

By Matthew Casperson

Away3D is a magnificent know-how, and this ebook is targeted on exhibiting you the way to create sensible and enjoyable 3D Flash purposes with lots of step by step examples, easy methods to assist you steer clear of universal errors, simple English reasons of the suggestions and methods utilized by Away3D, and sincere suggestion that will help you comprehend a few of the inconsistencies within the Away3D code base. This booklet is intended for rookies in addition to skilled Flash builders who're trying to create 3D purposes in Flash utilizing the Away3D engine. no matter if you're utilizing Away3D for the 1st time or are a pro developer, this publication offers you a fantastic origin in taking Flash to the subsequent size. it may possibly even be used as a reference consultant by way of Flash builders who're already accustomed to Away3D.

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44 ] Chapter 2 As we saw in Chapter 1, Building Your First Away3D Application, it is common for classes included in the Away3D library to accept an init object as a constructor parameter. This init object is usually created using object literal notation. While this practice is common, it is not universal, as you will see with the Trident, Skybox, and SkyBox6 classes. Unless otherwise noted, the parameters listed in the following tables relate to the properties of the init object. Where appropriate, an accompanying image is also provided showing the primitive as a wireframe model, and with a bitmap material applied to it.

Chapter 1 By extending the Sprite class, the Away3DTemplate class can be added to the Flash stage just like any other visual element. public class Away3DTemplate extends Sprite { We define properties for the scene, camera, and view, using the classes that were imported above. protected var scene:Scene3D; protected var camera:Camera3D; protected var view:View3D; The constructor goes on to call a number of functions, each of which is used to set up an aspect of the 3D application. public function Away3DTemplate():void { First user interface elements are created by the initUI() function.

5. as in the same directory as the FLA file from the previous instructions. 6. Go back to the FLA file and click File | Publish Settings…. 7. Click on the Flash tab, and click on the Settings… button. [ 23 ] Chapter 1 Positioning objects in a 3D scene Before we start adding objects to the scene, it is important to know how objects are positioned in a 3D environment. Traditional 2D Flash applications place objects on the screen along the X (or horizontal) and Y (or vertical) axes. These Cartesian coordinates uniquely define a position in 2D space.

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