Basic geodesy : an introduction to the history and concepts by James R. Smith

By James R. Smith

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The identifier can then be used within the procedure in place of the value it represents. 26 Into the Realm of Oberon You have to make sure you have the exact same number of arguments as there are parameters. Otherwise, you'll get a compile-time error. For example, the procedure call Wri telni tials ( "E" ) would cause an such an error. As long as the parameters are declared with the same type, the type needs to appear only once in the list, with each identifier separated by a comma. Or if you wish, you can write each identifier and type separately.

Procedure Add shows both ways that the values of a variable can be changed. First, let us examine the body of Add. It contains one statement: result := first + second; The symbol we haven't seen before is the ' : ='. This is called the assignment operator. The variable on the left side "gets" or "is assigned" the value of the expression on the right side. , Add(5, 7, sum», the parameter first takes on the value 5 and second takes on the value 7. Recall that parameters are positional-the arguments are passed by the corresponding position in the parameter list.

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