Basic Indonesian (with Audio) by Stuart Robson Dr., Yacinta Kurniasih

By Stuart Robson Dr., Yacinta Kurniasih

Easy Indonesian is designed to supply speedy mastery of recent Indonesian, that is spoken by means of greater than 240 million people.Divided into 28 graded classes, the ebook offers fill-in-the-blank workouts, quizzes, be aware puzzles and question-and-answer practices to augment the training. huge cultural notes are supplied in addition to targeted pointers on etiquette and acceptable cultural habit within the world's biggest Islamic society.

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3. We use the word bapak "father" for our own father, and ayah for someone else's father. The meaning is the same, but ayah is considered more refined. The simplest kind of sentence is the "equational" sentence, in which we say "A = B". The first part of this sentence is the topic or "subject", and the rest is what is being said about it, or the "predicate". These slots (A and B) can be filled by a noun or pronoun, either a single word or a group of words. In its simplest form, there is no need to put in a word to indicate the equation ( = ), like the English "is", "are" and so on.

Dokter doctor (medical) teman friend dosén lecturer terima kasih thank-you ibu mother univérsitas university 1. As a greeting, we can use selamat with the time of day: pagi for morning, siang for the middle of the day, sore for the late afternoon, and malam for night, thus "good morning" and so forth. It is best to add a term of address for the recipient, as then our greeting sounds less abrupt: Bu for an older lady, or Pak for an older man. Or else add somebody's name, if you know it. 2. The family (keluarga) is very important; it is the main part of our social context.

In Indonesian, this is expressed by means of word-order, and not with a word for "of or "apostrophe's". The rule is that the possessor follows the thing possessed. g. This is not yet a full sentence; but it could be, if we add a subject: Ini rumah saya. This is my house. We will talk about personal pronouns again shortly, but can comment here that there are no changes equivalent to "I-me-my" in English. Finally, you will have noticed that in Indonesian we don't use words like English "a, an" or "the".

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