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Before staining blood films, prepare the buffered water used to dilute the stain. Using buffered water at the correct pH helps to ensure good staining. pH expresses the acidity or alkalinity of a fluid. It is based on a scale of near 0 (very acid) to 14 (very alkaline). 0. The pH of a liquid can be measured with a pH meter or with a colour indicator, such as the Lovibond comparator. Paper indicator strips can also be used, but they are rapidly affected by high humidity and become unreliable. In this unit, you will use the pH meter or comparator recommended in your national malaria control programme.

Rooms that are air-conditioned only during the working day are not suitable. Transporting the microscope When transporting the microscope between laboratories or to the field, it is important to ensure that it is properly secured inside its box. The best way to do this is by screwing the securing device through the hole in the bottom of the box into the base or foot of the microscope. When this is done correctly, the microscope remains rigid in its box on even the roughest road. Read Learning unit 7 in preparation for the next session.

A rounded or a banana shape? Rounded: Go to 12. Banana-shaped: Go to 14. 12. clear-red chromatin and deep-blue cytoplasm in the rounded body? Yes: This is a female gametocyte. No: Go to 13. 13. that the rounded body has stained a reddish colour so that the chromatin is not clear? Yes: This is a male gametocyte. It is difficult to tell the difference between male and female gametocytes in thick films. 14. a banana-shaped parasite with densely stained blue cytoplasm and bright red chromatin? Yes: This is a female gametocyte.

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