Beginner's Arabic Script by John Mace

By John Mace

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M. Suppose, for example, that X = diag{x1 , . . , xn } is a diagonal matrix. 2) Ak where ek is the standard k-th unit column vector and aT k is simply the k-th row of A0 . Any theory we can develop for a general PIEP therefore should be applicable to an MIEP. 4. 2 General results for linear PIEP We now begin to present some general results for PIEPs. We shall touch upon issues of existence, sensitivity, and computation in the next few sections. It would be nice to be able to address all fundamental issues concerning the PIEP by some major theorems.

One such application is the so-called decentralized dynamic PAP where K is a diagonal matrix. Some background information can be found in a recent paper by Ravi et al. (1995). Numerical algorithms for this type of structured PAP are needed. 3 Applied mechanics Interpreting the word “vibration” in a broad sense, we see applied mechanics everywhere. The transverse motion of masses on a string, the buckling of structures, the transient current of electric circuits, and the acoustic sound in a tube are just a few instances of vibration.

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