Beginning JSP, JSF and Tomcat, 2nd Edition: Java Web by Giulio Zambon

By Giulio Zambon

Commence construction Java - dependent net functions now, no matter if you are a entire newcomer to Java. finished and instance - pushed, starting JSP, JSF, and Tomcat: Java internet improvement, moment version is all you must improve dynamic Java-based internet purposes utilizing JSP, connect with databases with JSF, and placed them into motion utilizing the world's most well-liked open resource Java internet server, Apache Tomcat.

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Each security constraint can include several resources and authority constraints. The sub-elements state which folders or pages require protection. Finally, you state that the BASIC authentication method should be applied. To test it, you can copy to the usual %CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\ROOT\tests\ folder the whole auth folder you will find in the code available for this chapter. html that lets you choose between the two subfolders. That’s it! After you have restarted Tomcat, type in a browser http://localhost:8080/tests/auth and choose to enter either this or that.

ServletResponse. The HttpServletResponse interface includes the definition of 41 status codes (of type public static final int) to be returned to the client as part of the response. The HTTP status codes are all between 100 and 599. The range 100–199 is reserved to provide information, 200–299 to report successful completion of the requested operation, 300–399 to report warnings, 400–499 to report client errors, and 500–599 to report server errors. html. The normal status code is SC_OK (200), and the most common error is SC_NOT_FOUND (404), which occurs when the client requests a page that doesn’t exist.

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