Beginning Web Development with Perl: From Novice to by Steve Suehring

By Steve Suehring

Beginning Perl internet improvement: From beginner to Professional introduces you to the area of Perl web software improvement. This e-book tackles all components an important to constructing your first net functions and contains a robust mix of real-world examples coupled with suggestion. subject matters variety from serving and eating RSS feeds, to tracking web servers, to interfacing with email. you will methods to use Perl with ancillary programs like Mason and Nagios.

Though no longer version-specific, this e-book is a perfect learn when you've got had a few grounding in Perl fundamentals and now are looking to circulation into the realm of internet software improvement. writer Steve Suehring emphasizes the protection implications of Perl, drawing on years of expertise educating readers the way to imagine secure, keep away from universal pitfalls, and bring well-planned, safe code.

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Such sites frequently claim to work only in certain browsers. These sites are the result of poor design by someone who doesn’t understand the Internet. Since HTTP_USER_AGENT is based on a client-side setting, it can be forged or made to look like an acceptable browser. The user agent is covered in Chapter 5, where you’ll see how to change this value. You should not rely on any values coming from the client side when designing a web application, and you certainly don’t want to design a site that works with only certain browsers.

Environment Variables Environment variables are values set by the environment where a process runs. In the case of a CGI script, the environment variables are set by the web server on which they run. These variables are automatically made available to your CGI script in the form of the %ENV hash. Viewing Environment Variables The script shown in Listing 1-12 makes it possible to view the environment variables available to a CGI script on your web server. Listing 1-12. /usr/bin/perl -T use strict; use CGI qw/:standard/; print header, start_html('Environment Variables'); foreach my $variable (keys %ENV) { print p("$variable is $ENV{$variable}"); } print end_html; exit; The only new items in this script are the three lines of the foreach loop, which is a standard Perl construct.

The correct permissions are usually set as rwxr-xr-x, which corresponds to octal 755. You should never set the permissions to rwxrwxrwx, or octal 777. See the next section on security for more information. • Check the ownership of the program. On systems that use the suEXEC feature, the ownership must exactly correspond to the ownership set up in the Apache configuration file. If it doesn’t, the program won’t run and errors will be sent to the log file. • Check log files! One of the strongest points of open-source software is logging.

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