Beißreflexe: Kritik an queerem Aktivismus, autoritären by Patsy l’Amour laLove (ed.)

By Patsy l’Amour laLove (ed.)

Participants: until Randolf Amelung, Ilona Bubeck, Marco Ebert, Leo Fischer, Melanie Götz, Jakob Hayner, Hans Hütt, Julia Jopp, Elmar Kraushaar, Tjark Kunstreich, Patsy l’Amour laLove, Koschka Linkerhand, Dirk Ludigs, Sama Maani, Jan Noll, Doloris Pralina Orgasma (Marco Kammholz), Nina Rabuza, Dierk Saathoff, Frederik schindler, Nikolai Schreiter, Jann Schweitzer, Caroline A. Sosat, Nikola Staritz, Vojin Saša Vukadinović, Christoph Wagner, Benedikt Wolf

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L'cttctutlLt, 13ucrros fl Aircs, l956, Chap. 4. that is, w'arlike. And it is at tl-ris point that the second difficulty emerges. t2 The Iatter are culturallv defined by the nearly general and complete absence of agriculture. Hence, they consist of nomadic groups of hunters, fishcrmcn, and gatherers: Fucgians, Patagonians, Guayaki, and the like. It is evident that these peoples can exist only in small groups scattered over vast territories. But this vital need to scatter no longer plagues the Forest people since, as sedentary gro\\'ers, thev are able, so it seems, to bring into play sociological models very different from those of their less favored marginal neighbors.

As the concrete activity of the function, the chief's practice does not refbr, therelbre, to the same order o1'phenomena as the other thrce criteria; it lets them stand as a unity structurally linked to the very essence of'society. In fact, it is cxtraordinary to discover that this trinity of oratorical talent, gencrosity, and polygyny - attached to tl-re person of the leader, concerns the same elements whose exchange and circulation cotrstitute socicty as such and sanctions t['re transition from nature to culture.

Arriors. rccr is restored the w'ar chief loses all his power. The model of coercive po\\,er is adopted, therefore, only in exceptional circumstances r,l'hen the group faces an external threat. But the conjunction ofporver and coercion ends as soon as the group returns to its normal internal life. vas closely supervised by the council of elders during peacetime. Similarly, the Jivaro are reported to have a chief only in time of r,var. ver, based on thc conscnsus omnium and not on constraint, is thus profbundlv peaceful and its fr-rnction is "pacification": the chief is responsible for maintaining peace and halmony in the group.

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