Birth of the Chess Queen: A History by Marilyn Yalom

By Marilyn Yalom

We all know that the queen is the main dominant piece in chess, yet few humans recognize that the sport existed for 5 hundred years with out her. It wasn't till chess turned a well-liked hobby for eu royals in the course of the heart a while that the queen used to be born and used to be progressively empowered to develop into the king's fierce warrior and protector.Birth of the Chess Queen examines the 5 centuries among the chess queen's timid emergence within the early days of the Holy Roman Empire to her elevation in the course of the reign of Isabel of Castile. Marilyn Yalom, encouraged via a handful of surviving medieval chess queens, strains their beginning and unfold from Spain, Italy, and Germany to France, England, Scandinavia, and Russia. In a full of life and interesting ancient research, Yalom attracts parallels among the increase of the chess queen and the ascent of girl sovereigns in Europe, providing a layered, attention-grabbing background of medieval courts and inner struggles for energy.

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By the time Henry joined her in Bari, he had ransacked the Sicilian royal palace and treasury, and sent many precious items back to Germany. All joy Constance would have had at returning must have been overshadowed by revulsion when she arrived in Palermo and saw that her childhood home had been utterly despoiled by the man who was her husband. She was, after 36 • birth of the chess queen all, a Norman Sicilian by birth, and must have felt divided loyalties between her native Hauteville heritage and that of the Hohenstaufens acquired through marriage.

Fictional tales like these, as well as the game itself, arrived in Spain with the Arab conquerors. 11 He also brought the new modes of Arabic poetry and song practiced in Baghdad, all of which quickly took root in this new land. By the tenth century, Córdoba had become the acknowledged equal of Baghdad in wealth, splendor, and cultural achievements. The mighty caliph of Córdoba, Abd al-Rahman III (reigned 913–61), established a luxurious and sophisticated court that was admired by ambassadors from both East and West.

The pieces are named: rex (king), regina (queen), comes or curvus (count or aged one, today’s bishop), eques (knight), rochus (rook), and pedes (pawn). The game begins by moving a pawn to the square in front of it. Pawns capture another piece by taking it diagonally on an adjacent square of the same color. The king can move to any adjacent square, but the queen can move only to a diagonal adjacent square, always of the same color. ) A pawn that reaches the eighth row can move afterward like the queen, provided the original queen is no longer on the board.

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