Black Vein Prophecy by Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone

By Steve Jackson, Ian Livingstone

Newest within the struggling with fable sequence, this ebook is an element online game, half novel. Its multi-option adventures contain the reader in role-playing and developing their very own adventures. The authors wrote "The Riddling Reaver", an advent to making fable video games and feature labored for the video games Workshop.

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If you decide to turn back and lollow the river l 'ne+rc)fi hr,n r^ a,A 77 Grabbinga horse, you ride ofI quickly in pursuit of Feior, while Credas and the l'rophet hold off the monster. Roll three dice If the result is lessthan or equal to your srAMrNA, turn to 23j If the result is g re a retrh a ny o u r 5 r A Mr\ A . t urn t o 12 9 78 Minutes latei, a dark wooden hull looms up ahead of you. Skong arms reachdown and pull you from the water up into a small boat- Your rescueris a woman, dressedpractically in leather, and with a sailo/s long knife at her belt.

Her silenceunsettlesyou evenmore. Shewalksout of You thank her terselyand makeyour way up the rockypathwithout lookingback,iurn to 19, 118 The birds' flight foms pattems in the air, pattems which teaseyourmemory. lmagesflash beforeyour eyesj you see once ftore the gllphs on your sarcophagus, and a feeling of calm descendson you. You have learnt the power of Flarmonization. lvhenever you seethe word 'Tiaohe' as an opLion, you will be ableto use this power. You step forward, and the birds part befor€you, as ffthey senseyou!

Now, fightin's all well and good. 'He is about to continue when the tavern doorbu6ts open. Turn to 52. 479 Roll one die. If the rcsult is odd, tum to 2s. If the rcsult is even, furn to 145. 180-1E2 r80 From up aheadyou hear fhe soundsof a struggleof some kind. You approach cautiously and come upon a stran8e battle. A short, scrawny fellbw rvithout weaponsor armour standsabovea hulking brigand in arnour. Two horses crop the grass nearby- it is clear that theseare the horses of the trvo dders who overtook you.

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