Book review: Keyan G. Tomaselli and David Scott (eds), by Ekaterina Timofeeva

By Ekaterina Timofeeva

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There is no need to tell about conditions, for word has surely spread through various letters that have been sent from here. If you cannot see my children, you know in any case where they are, so send this letter to them or tell them to send some word about their situation. It is up to Providence whether we shall ever meet again in this earthly life, but let us then meet in a better world. . If anyone should possibly want to come over and they could get some help with money for the journey, they could quickly repay it here.

I would point out above all that there is here, as you know yourself, freedom to serve God according to His sacred word. And from this it follows that the light God has brought forth through Erik Jansson cannot be dimmed through either prison or madhouse. They have, to be sure, already tried through slander to have him arrested, but thus far they have gotten no farther than the jailhouse before those who have lied have been brought to shame. . There is much more to write about, how we have the opportunity here to edify each other in the most sacred faith, but it need hardly be said that we may listen undisturbed to Erik Jansson, who explains the Bible in its true meaning.

They even make liquor. I want to ask if these are God's folk, but they say that what they do is to God's glory. 24 Their food is of the Swedish type. They have three dining halls and four long tables in each dining hall. No one can prepare his own food. The people are like serfs, who must work according to the bell. At six in the morning it rings when they are to get out of bed, at half past six it rings for prayer, which lasts until eight or nine, and then it rings for breakfast. When they have eaten, it rings for work, and it goes on like this morning and evening.

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