Boya Chinese: Elementary Starter I by Li Xiaoqi

By Li Xiaoqi

Boya chinese language is compiled through a gaggle of skilled lecturers who educate chinese language as moment language. it truly is divided into 4 degrees: undemanding, pre-intermediate, intermediate and complex. There are altogether nine books within the set which fits the four-year university learn or any momentary and long term periods. The basic point is in volumes of fifty classes for novices and covers approximately 1,000 phrases. completing it is going to make sure the scholars to arrive point three of HSK. The pre-intermediate point contains volumes. It matches scholars with 1,000-3000 vocabulary. It specializes in trainings of depiction, narration, rationalization and dialogue. completing this point, the scholars will cross HSK attempt of point 5-6. The intermediate point has volumes and is acceptable for college kids who've 3,000-5,000 phrases. The contents are vibrant and contain a big variety of issues. The vocabulary has very specific notes with conscientiously chosen examples. This point is appropriate with HSK point 7-8. The complicated point is for college students who grasp greater than 5,000 phrases. The complex point has 3 volumes and comprises approximately 8,000-word vocabulary and specializes in making a choice on synonyms, explaining universal sentence styles and hard phrases. There are considerable workouts and engaging readings after each one lesson. completing this point allows the scholars to cross HSK point eleven checks.

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OnuncÎation exercises) ( - ) 读音 (Pronunclation ) 口 @ m e, m ω d do d. dai dei do。 dou T to te to。 tou 00 oe 1m b ,. n nω 们创 noo lai l刨 100 10' U ue 由 lu nu nue lu lüe J 叫,1 { 二 ) 昕读后选鳞 (SelCCl the syllablcs that you hear being r曲< ) 2 怡 "' 5. dao-dou l . do-to 4 . noi-nei 民 3. j练XJ (Substitulion exerCises using Ihe drowings provid国) 1. A 8 那是」生的书。 那 是」主主-的书 。 大卫 老师 她 中 �j 2. A 这是 �磁带7 B 过是 "生磁带 。 音� 曰倍 英语 (Yingyù) 法语 ( FOyö) 3 垫是主主主主且直量主 , 是 立且主 . sl fills in t he blonk) 这 1. A 那 哪 你好吗9 很 也 31 32 I阳四 ..

Pie-pian plon pln ptng mlon mln mlng A 8 夜是 Jp,拿大 人. B 圈望 他」主盖旦旦量 生 , 你呢? 叫 大卫 Æ京方大学的学生 一一一一一一 · 3. bing-benÇJ 你是突国人吗' 不是。 你是哪 国人? '"叫跑胁。} 我也 b咱 … mE EZ ~ J. II1U I 3. A 玛丽'阶 警军4直主义哇且主ι 不是老师 不是桑田人 很高兴 " 国3 • 遣回掏空 (Selecl the word thot best lills in the bla内的 吗 呢 什么 l 你叫 ( 喃 ) 名 'f? 2 役 是东方大学的学生 , 你 ( ) 国人' 3 大卫是 ( 4 你们是阳学生 ( 码 四 用 "也 l? rj'目人 2 六 丑且阴学'1 川�I是中凶人 叫 阿面 是 阔 ''t 仨 ' 3 你是拢的问" þ . (1也是拢的(i;J字。 4. -. ond 阳n 0IlS'Net them ) 例 A 钱� 中 国人a 1. A 他叫大I! 2. i\: -æ给加拿大人、 → 你呢 , ' ß 我是 日 本人 3 ‘ 刘明且东方大学的老师4.

1 B, ... 叫 大卫。 J. I C♀ 制 Ex - 语音练习 ( Pronun由1I0n exercises ) 1 - ) 旗盲 (Pronunci8tion) bon ben f I bong beng t川 PO" 田n 阳ng peng �川 mon men mang meng ml fan fen l 二 } 昕读后遗精 read) bie ple pl00 mie mlOQ mlU 1 . ban-bong 2. min-ming 4. mon-me" 5. pie-pian plon pln ptng mlon mln mlng A 8 夜是 Jp,拿大 人. B 圈望 他」主盖旦旦量 生 , 你呢? 叫 大卫 Æ京方大学的学生 一一一一一一 · 3. bing-benÇJ 你是突国人吗' 不是。 你是哪 国人? '"叫跑胁。} 我也 b咱 … mE EZ ~ J. II1U I 3. A 玛丽'阶 警军4直主义哇且主ι 不是老师 不是桑田人 很高兴 " 国3 • 遣回掏空 (Selecl the word thot best lills in the bla内的 吗 呢 什么 l 你叫 ( 喃 ) 名 'f?

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