Bread Not Bombs: A Political Agenda for Social Justice by Douglas Roche

By Douglas Roche

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Instead it was left to a nongovernmental representatives to excoriate the "enormous waste" of human, natural, and financial resources caused by the continuation of 42 Bread Not Bombs militarization. " Almost two decades after the Thorsson study, the world finds itself in the same old sterile debate involving the relationship between disarmament and development. N. action to follow up the conference. Meanwhile, the Official Development Assistance of the industrialized countries has actually dropped since 1992 in the face of the recurrence of conflict, and complex political and humanitarian emergencies, such as refugee flows and famine throughout Africa and several Asian countries.

Only China is willing to do so. Thus the NPT is in jeopardy of being eroded in the opening years of the 21st century. S. signed Presidential Directive 60, which retained nuclear deterrence as a permanent policy. If the wealthiest, greatest military power on earth must cling to nuclear weapons for security, what possible incentive can any other existing nuclear capable State have for getting rid of its weapons? S. has exacerbated the situation by enshrining in national security policy the intention to field a national ballistic missile defence system.

N. wants to do more to advance proposals for large-scale conversion, but is held back by major States where large sections of the population are dependent on military production. As the costs associated with the dismantling of American and Russian nuclear weapons have shown, disarmament creates short-term pain. In the short term, the costs of disarmament are dominant, but in the long term, benefits emerge. Disarmament would facilitate the release of scarce resources in the field of research and development.

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