Build Up Your Chess 1: The Fundamentals by Artur Yusupov

By Artur Yusupov

Artur Yusupov’s whole process chess education stretches to 9 volumes, guiding the reader in the direction of a better chess figuring out utilizing rigorously chosen positions and recommendation. to ensure that this new wisdom sticks, it's then confirmed via a variety of puzzles.
The direction is dependent in 3 sequence with 3 degrees. the basics point is the best one, past the fundamentals is tougher, and Mastery is kind of tough, even for superior players.
The quite a few subject matters – strategies, procedure, Positional Play, Endgames, Calculating diversifications, and Openings – are unfold calmly around the 9 volumes, giving readers the opportunity to enhance each quarter as they paintings in the course of the books.
This publication is the 1st quantity on the basics level.
The building up Your Chess sequence gained the distinguished Boleslavsky Medal from FIDE (the global Chess Federation) because the most sensible educational chess books on the earth.

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Ih3 stalemate. Diagram 4-5 A useful drawing position. l. If? If? stalemate. 1. Averbakh 7 The key squares are g7 and gS. IgS=. IhS= White cannot entice the black king out of the corner. Ih6 stalemate. 5 ... 1gS= 9... h7 @f8 stalemate. 6 5 4 3 2 a b c d e f g Example 6 +-/ = h 46 Simple Pawn Endings < White to move can win: l. 'it>f6 is also good. 3 ... h4! +-. Wg7? due to 4 ... wf5 and the black king will attack the h-pawn. White must also keep the opposing king away from his pawn. 4. {g7! h6+- � These elementary endings must be thoroughly undersrood.

Excellent 20 points and above· · · u . . > Good 1 5 points ··· · u u· ··� Pass mark Ifyou scored less than 15 points, we recommend that you read the chapter again and repeat the exercises which you got wrong. 42 C I:-I":APTER Contents 4 Simple pawn endings Promoting the pawn Key squares ,/ The opposition ,/ Rook pawns ,/ The rule of the square ,/ In this lesson we will look at some important elements of pawn endings: key squares, the opposition and the rule of the square. ,/ Promoting the pawn The best way for the king to fight against a pawn is by occupying a square in its path.

A b c d e f g h Diagram 5-7 6. Llg6t!! fxg6 The threat is now a discovered check followed by 'iMfh7#. iLg7t only leads ro a draw: 2 ... 'iMfg6t=. q"h4 YNf3 Black arracks the queen, bur White replies with a double check! ig7t!! 'iMfh7# 7 6 5 4 •.. 3 2 1 a b c d e f g h 6. Diagram 5-8 Here is another example of the theme: 'Beware of the double check'. Diagram 5-8 8 Disti 7 - Rozs 1900 aI Paris 6 5 4 3 2 1 a b c d e f g h U�dl! The threat is 'iMfd8#. YNxc3t A berrer move would be 1 . �g4!? id2! YNxc4??

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