Business Ethics and Organizational Values: A Systems by O. Thyssen

By O. Thyssen

Organizational values are a sizzling subject as deepest and public businesses aren't simply evaluated based on their items and gains, but in addition based on the situations of the product -- exertions stipulations, fabrics, hazards, human rights and social responsibility. Values are changing into the defining identification of organizations. This booklet covers this shift.

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A few people are passionately obsessed by one type of wealth and sacrifice their family, weekends and sleep to improve their ability to program computers or make more money. They live by the old motto which claims that the purity of the heart is its power to focus on one goal. 3 Compulsion towards competition A functional system provides a shared direction for organizations and people. They all want to conquer the same wealth. And when people want the same thing, they do not just work with each other, but also against each other.

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They offend the individual’s unique personality. Instead, one should seek individual solutions – like everyone else. When no one wears ready-to-wear clothes, the tailors get busy. And that is precisely the goal. Demands for individuality Demands for self-realization Demands for the inclusion of ‘the person as a whole’ including the psychic dimension (‘I feel’) Testing ‘what is in it for me’ Demands for the recognition of cultural and ethical differences Result: Intimatization of society On the surface level, the demand is not to do as ‘everyone’ does and that the norms of others need not be the norms for oneself.

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