Business Secrets of the Trappist Monks: One CEO's Quest for by August Turak

By August Turak

August Turak is a profitable entrepreneur, company govt, and award-winning writer who attributes a lot of his good fortune to residing and dealing along the Trappist priests of Mepkin Abbey for seventeen years. As a common monastic visitor, he realized firsthand from the priests as they grew an extremely winning portfolio of businesses.

Service and selflessness are on the middle of the 1,500-year-old monastic tradition's extraordinary enterprise good fortune. it truly is an historical notwithstanding immensely appropriate monetary version that preserves what's confident and efficient approximately capitalism whereas transcending its moral obstacles and inner contradictions. Combining bright case reviews from his thirty-year enterprise profession with intimate graphics of the clergymen at paintings, Turak exhibits how Trappist ideas could be effectively utilized to a number of secular company settings and to our own lives to boot. He demonstrates that clergymen and other people like Warren Buffett are wildly winning no longer regardless of their excessive rules yet due to them. Turak additionally introduces different "transformational businesses" that proportion the an important monastic enterprise thoughts so severe for success.

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For Trappist monks, seeking “piety, not profit” means faithfully paying attention to the sacred duty they owe not only to God but to their customers, lay employees, vendors, local community, each other, the environment, and mankind in general. It is the dutiful, or “prayerful,” way in which the monks attend to these qualitative aspects of business that is the overarching secret to their success. And the paradoxical theme that runs throughout this book is that the monks are successful not despite the fact that they seek piety, not profits, but because they do.

His features softened. ” “I never think about it,” I whispered, startled into the truth by the change in his tone and demeanor. ” “Of course,” he said through a widening smile, “nothing else really matters, does it? ” The next thing I knew, we were hugging, and just as suddenly the inanimate machinery around us yielded to Brother John’s supernatural hammering. The resurrected conveyor staggered forward under its own power, and I staggered back to work conveyed by something much bigger than myself.

Success in business—United States. 3. ) I. Title. 4—dc23 2012050815 A Columbia University Press E-book. edu. COVER IMAGE: Photo by William C. com/photos/billcarter COVER DESIGN: Milenda Nan Ok Lee References to websites (URLs) were accurate at the time of writing. Neither the author nor Columbia University Press is responsible for URLs that may have expired or changed since the manuscript was prepared. For Dom Francis Kline and all my brothers of Our Lady of Mepkin Abbey CONTENTS Preface 1 The Economic Miracle of Mepkin Abbey 2 What We All Really Want 3 The End of Selfishness 4 Goat Rodeos and the Transformational Organization 5 Mission 6 Selflessness and Community 7 Excellence for the Sake of Excellence 8 Ethical Standards, or, Why Good Things Happen for Good People 9 Faith 10 The Power of Trust 11 Self-knowledge and Authenticity 12 Living the Life PREFACE FOR 1,500 YEARS monasteries all over the world have been calling men and women to a life of prayer and work according to the Rule of St.

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