Buying a Property in Spain For Dummies® (For Dummies) by Colin Barrow

By Colin Barrow

Paying for a estate in a foreign country is among the greatest judgements you will ever make. yet don't be concerned – your Spanish dream need not turn into a nightmare. From discovering an property agent and arranging a loan to negotiating the easiest rate and relocating in, this booklet is filled with useful suggestion on each point of the Spanish estate industry. It leads you effectively and easily during the felony, logistical, and fiscal minefields, aiding you maximise it slow and your funds to get pleasure from a uncomplicated estate buy.

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Take copious notes. Keep a record of your dealings with your estate agent. Note down telephone conversations that you have with them, including who you spoke to, when you spoke, and what you both said. Your thoroughness will demonstrate your professionalism and keep your agent on her toes. Keeping records may also help to avoid any disputes further down the line if something that you thought was agreed is later denied. Knowing what to expect for your (their) money Advertised Spanish property has a built-in commission payable to the estate agent, with anything from 5 to 10 per cent being the norm.

As you’ll be dealing for much of the time in a foreign language and with translations of legal documents, be doubly sure you deal with properly licensed members of professional bodies so you have some hope of getting redress if anything goes wrong. Chapter 3: Assembling Your Team 39 Understanding Spanish agency licences Registered local estate agents in Spain are likely to belong to one of the following associations: ߜ API is the top real-estate regulation body in Spain. API stands for Agentes de la Propiedad Inmobiliaria (real-estate agents).

The economics are quite straightforward: A plot of land with permission to build turns redundant agricultural land and buildings from dust into gold. You can find building plots (parcelas) advertised in the local Spanish papers – usually the very local papers. com. But usually you’ll have to rely on local contacts, on discussions with local notaries who depend on such transactions for their livelihood, and perhaps on architects and builders who also have something to gain once a plot or ruin gets sold.

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