C*-algebras and their automorphism groups by Gert Kjaergard Pedersen

By Gert Kjaergard Pedersen

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Let p˜ : p∗ T M → T M be the natural vector bundle homomorphism over p. Using the last equation, Stokes’ theorem and d(X∗ p˜∗ Ψ(g)) = p∗ E(g) we get: R(X2 , g, ω) − R(X1 , g, ω) = d p∗ ω ∧ X∗ p˜∗ Ψ(g) + R(X1 , X2 , ω) = I×(M\V ) = p∗ (ω ∧ E(g)) + R(X1 , X2 , ω) − I×M = R(X1 , X2 , ω) For the last equality note that ω ∧ E(g) = 0 for dimensional reasons. Still assuming that X1 and X2 have non-degenerate zeros we next treat the case of a general non-degenerate homotopy X, whose zero set is not necessarily contained in a simply connected subset.

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