Calculation and Coordination: Essays on Socialism and by Peter J Boettke

By Peter J Boettke

This number of essays from one of many significant Austrian economists operating on the planet this day brings jointly in a single position a few of his key writings on quite a few financial concerns.

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But, welfare economics was grounded in moral philosophy and ethical theory— namely utilitarianism. Part of Rothbard’s critique was to expose the normative underpinnings of what many thought was positive analysis, and then to demand an engagement of scholarly debate. Moral theory is capable of rational dialog, and economists ought to be knowledgeable of this dialog if they are going to employ the concepts derived within this field of study to make welfare statements and policy recommendations. For example, they ought to be informed of the critique of utilitarianism that comes out of libertarian natural rights theory, or the difficulties that moral philosophers have with social contract theories.

Both the angel and the Devil can agree with the analysis, but place different weight on the normative use to which the analysis can be deployed. The analysis itself, however, is value-neutral. To deny that would, I fear, result in denying economic logic and as such would drain economics of its critical edge. 24 Calculation and Coordination Critical appraisal and policy advocacy There is a strict line that must be drawn between the critical appraisal of alternative public policies and advocacy of any policy.

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