Calculus, The Classic Edition by Earl W. Swokowski

By Earl W. Swokowski

Suggestions to even and ordinary difficulties, quantity 2

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In agriculture, he experimented with the use of common salts to help kill weeds and to fertilize the soil in his fields. This technique was so effective that he published his findings in a book titled The new order of gooding and manuring all sorts of field land with common salt, and the government granted a monopoly to his family for this mode of tillage. He also earned a monopoly for his design of a hydraulic screw with a revolving axle that could be used to draw water out of coal pits. e. Napier developed an expertise in mensuration (measurement) and worked as a consultant helping to measure property for a number of landowners.

He also showed how to find the tangent line at any point on an Archimedean spiral. In this treatise, Viète presented two ideas dealing with infinity that gave evidence of his mature level of insight into this mathematical concept. Explaining that a circle is a regular polygon with infinitely many straight sides, he argued that any line that touches a circle does not form an angle with the circle because it Viète explained how to construct an inscribed regular heptagon. François Viète 25 By studying the relationships between the lengths of the sides of inscribed polygons with n sides and 2n sides, Viète expressed the constant π as an infinite product of square roots.

In this book, he delivered a passionate attack on Catholicism, concluding that the pope was the antichrist. He dedicated his writings to James VI, king of Scotland, who later became James I, king of England, and encouraged the king to scrutinize the religious loyalties of the members of his court. The book was widely read throughout Protestant Europe, and its translations into French, German, and Dutch required multiple printings to satisfy the demand. 34 The Age of Genius Rumored to Be a Magician Several events in Napier’s life as well as his personal habits led his contemporaries to suspect that he had magical powers.

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