Carbohydrate-Based Vaccines by René Roy (Eds.)

By René Roy (Eds.)

content material: Preface --
T-cell immunity of carbohydrates / Luis Pena Icart ... [et al.] --
The regulatory framework for glycoconjugate vaccines / Christopher Jones --
Conjugation tools in the direction of man made vaccines / V. Pozsgay and J. Kubler-Kielb --
Haemophilus influenzae sort b conjugate vaccine with an artificial capsular polysaccharide antigen : chemical view / Vicente Verez Bencomo ... [et al.] --
Immunology of experimental artificial carbohydrate-protein conjugate vaccines opposed to Streptococcus pneumoniae serotypes / damage Snippe, Wouter T.M. Jansen, and Johannis P. Kamerling --
From epitope characterization to the layout of semi-synthetic glycoconjugate vaccines opposed to Shigella flexneri 2a an infection / Laurence A. Mulard and Armelle Phalipon --
automatic oligosaccharide synthesis to create vaccines for malaria and different parasites / Bridget L. Stocker, Alexandria Hölemann, and Peter H. Seeberger --
A uniquely small, protecting carbohydrate epitope may well yield a conjugate vaccine for Candida albicans / David R. package ... [et al.] --
stories towards the improvement of anti-tuberculosis vaccines according to mycobacterial lipoarabinomannan / Hyo-Sun Kim ... [et al.] --
The lipoarabinomannan glycolipid of Mycobacterium tuberculosis : growth in overall synthesis through n-pentenyl orthoesters / Bert Fraser-Reid ... [et al.] --
Lipopolysaccharide antigens of Chlamydia / P. Kosma, H. Brade, and S.V. Evans --
man made carbohydrate-based antitumor vaccines / Rebecca M. Wilson ... [et al.] --
artificial glycopeptides for the development of anticancer vaccines / Horst Kunz ... [et al.] --
Glycopeptide dependent melanoma vaccines : the guideline of synthesis and structural definition / R. Rao Koganty, Damayanthi Yalamati, and Zi-Hua Jiang --
Peptide mimics of bacterial polysaccharides : power for discriminating vaccines / Silvia Borrelli ... [et al.].

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Experience indicates that a wide variety of structural types can lead to effective glycoconjugate vaccines, although the detailed responses differ (1). These can be described as neo-glycoconjugate, crosslinked network or vesicle vaccines, which are illustrated in Figure 1. e. that the proposed molecule will elicit protective immunity), developing and validating assays, optimizing immunogenicity as determined by functional antibody assays, and assessing the quality of the antibody response (antibody isotype, Τ cell involvement and specificity) (25).

In the glycoconjugate vaccine field, there is ongoing concern that elimination of carriage of "vaccine" serotypes will lead to their replacement by "non-vaccine" serotypes, resulting in disease rates dropping initially but increasing again due to serotype replacement. Immunisation of infants and young children with pneumococcal glycoconjugates led to significant reductions in the incidence of disease due to vaccine serotypes in unvaccinated populations 30 - parents and grandparents. This probably reflects reduced carriage by children diminishing transmission to those with whom they are in daily contact (4).

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