Changeling: The Dreaming, 2nd Edition by Ian Lemke, Jackie Cassada, Brian Campbell, Richard E.

By Ian Lemke, Jackie Cassada, Brian Campbell, Richard E. Dansky, Chris Howard, Angel McCoy, Neil Mick,

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Emotions are much purer here as well. Anger becomes a ashes.

Friends and HelpeRS Animate chimera are almost never created deliberately. Rather they spring from a changeling's unconscious mind. Many changelings create counselors for themselves, speaking to human-seeming, animal-like or fantastically shaped creatures, and revealing their problems and aspirations to them. Some of these chimera have the power of speech, which they may use simply to be reassuring or, in the case of sentient chimera, give good advice. These companion chimera may travel with those who dreamed them ,„ into being or may act as servants, entertainers, guards or decorative residents in a - j changeling's home.

Though they may leave things exactly as they found them, the freehold's current residents will find the contours and colors of chimerical objects often shift slightly to be as pleasing as possible. Such effects can be the flatware changing patterns, the garden's deep pink roses becoming lighter, or an uncomfortable chair "acquiring" a better cushion. When several changelings band together but cannot find a freehold of their own, they may still use their Glamour to place chimerical trappings over a mundane site, be it a house, room, forest clearing or playground.

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