Cheating at Blackjack & Other Casino Games by Dustin D. Marks

By Dustin D. Marks

Reliable ebook bending and breaking the foundations of 21 through changing ones playing cards and/or funds. suggestions from the fundamental to the outrageous. worthy a learn by way of any critical participant if merely to work out how others take cash off the home.

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Another factor is that of curiosity. If a player is betting big even the floormen that are not in his section will wander over to see what is going on, which is exactly what the cheaters want. In essence the cheaters are controlling the pit personnel without the casino having any idea what is going on. Manipulation of the casino staff is a very strong technique when properly applied, but never forget those shiny black domes overhead. They are interesting, but are not decoration. Also, the dealer at the cheaters' table is also a member of the team...

It would look strange for the BP who was betting $1 ,000 a hand two days ago to be seen betting only $5 dollars a hand. It is often the little things that trip one up. Another decision the cheaters have to make concerns the signals they will use. Obviously, they cannot say what they are thinking to each other during the game. In fact, they usually pretend not to know each other. Some secret way of communicating must be arranged. This is a must because things will never go exactly as planned. Circumstances are always changing and the successful cheaters must be able to adapt under fire.

All the player has to do is play basic strategy. Now let's look at the line labeled "Player's First Card Advantage. " If the player starts his hand with an Ace he is at a 52 percent advantage! This means for a $100 bet, the player in the long run will get back $152! That is how powerful the Ace This is an indication to the dealer where to cut the deck. In the old days the player was allowed to cut the deck by hand. I will discuss techniques applicable to both cutting methods. When a player cuts the deck he is determining which cards will be dealt first, and which cards will never be dealt because in Blackjack only 3/4 of the deck(s) or less is usually dealt.

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