Chess Life - May 2009 by Daniel Lucas

By Daniel Lucas

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Qa4 Na5 4. Nf6 5. 0-0 Bc5 6. exf5 0-0 7. Be3 Nd4 8. c3 Nxf3+ Setting up a tactical threat which White underestimates. 1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 f5 4. d3 I know that I can play 4. Qe2 or 4. exf5 but I prefer 4. d3. Also interesting is 8. Nxb5 9. Bxc5 d6 10. Qb3+. 9. org All book up to this point however my opponent took a very long time figuring things out. 9. Qe7 I didnt like this move. Better is 9. Be7. 10. Bc4+ Here I gain an important tempo. If 9. Be7 then on 10. Bc4+ he can play 10. d5.

Disaster also struck Hunter on boards three and four, and when the score sheet was signed, Larry Kaufman’s team had prevailed 3½ ½. org win its next two matches, handily taking the “Best High School Team” award, while “UR Outrated: Give Up” moved on to play for the overall championship. A “Balanced” Team Prevails After five rounds, it appeared likely that the team of the world senior cham pion would go on to become the world amateur team champions. Going into the sixth round with five convincing wins under their belts, they were paired with “Palin Gambit: I Can See Checkmate from My House,” a group formed by expert and team anchor Alan Price.

Black needs to find a good defense or he will succumb to an attack or be squeezed off the board. Perhaps Kaufman had seen the game Korchnoi Portisch, played last year in Corus, where “Viktor the Terrible” squeezed his oppo nent off the board. Portisch in that game played 10. Nf6 to secure d5, but when Korchnoi stuck his knight on e5 it was stuffy for Black. make the time control at move 40. ” 10. Bd6!! This move is only sixth in popularity, but it scores well and is recommended in some books.

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