Church And Reform: Bishops, Theologians, And Canon Lawyers by Louis B Pascoe S J

By Louis B Pascoe S J

This paintings examines Pierre d'Ailly's (1351-1420) perspectives on bishops, theologians, and canon attorneys, no longer essentially of their conciliar context yet in the broader dimensions in their person prestige, workplace, and authority in the Church.These perspectives additionally spread, in various levels, in the apocalyptic context of his idea and lead to a decision for either pastoral and private reform, particularly for the episcopacy.This name, additionally, unearths strongapostolic and evangelical affects, particularly these of the Franciscans and the Brethren of the typical lifestyles, and provides a particular measurement to the big variety of overdue medieval reform ideologies which, whereas having a few effect on the Council of Constance, contributed seriously to the reform decrees of Trent.

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He continues to maintain that if persecution plays such an important role in the Church’s history, the reason lies in the fact that persecution was of central importance in the life of Christ. 29 Christ’s life, according to d’Ailly, reveals a threefold period of persecution. The first, he declares, came early when Herod sought to find the newly-born child of Bethlehem in order to kill him. The second came during the years of Christ’s ministry when the scribes and doctors of the Law unceasingly charged him with acting contrary to the true spirit of the Law.

Nothing is said about the time and nature of the sixth and seventh persecutions. Perhaps as a young theologian d’Ailly thought it prudent to terminate his historical analysis with the present and not to venture, at this stage in his career, into the more dangerous realm of prophecy. A similar prudential judgement may also explain his reluctance to speculate on the role of the Antichrist in his concept of history. A more likely explanation, however, is that at the time of this sermon the Schism had only just begun.

Dronke can be found in CCCM, 91, 91A, 91B, and CCCM, 92 respectively. With regard to Hildegard’s letters to the Archbishops of Cologne and Trier, d’Ailly is not very specific. Hildegard had written several letters to each but d’Ailly does not refer to any specific letter. Those to the Archbishop of Cologne are indicated in Van Acker’s edition as letters XIVr, XVr, and XVII. Those to the Archbishop of Trier can be identified as XXVIr, XXVIIr, and church and reform: the apocalyptic context 19 While d’Ailly borrowed Hildegardian apocalyptic chronology to delineate the moral decline associated with the fourth period of the Church’s history, he carefully bypassed the more radical dimensions of her apocalyptic thought such as the disendowment of the Church and the birth of the Antichrist within the Church.

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