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Reports contemporary simple examine into IgE, mast cells, and the allergic reaction and the relevance of this paintings to human pathophysiology, and discusses new tools of therapy. This symposium is exclusive within the IgE box for its breadth of insurance and interdisciplinary nature, and it exhibits the advantages from the present fast enlargement of data in mobilephone biology, immunology, and molecular genetics, in addition to the capability medical value of this examine to medical immunologists and allergologists.


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In: Galli SJ, Austen KF (eds) Mast cell and basophil differentiation and function in health and disease. Raven Press, New York, p 1-13 Tantravahi RV, Stevens RL, Austen KF, Weis JH 1986 A single gene in mast cells encodes the core peptides of heparin and chondroitin sulfate proteoglycans. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 83:9207-9210 Woodbury RG, Everitt MT, Neurath H 1981 Mast cell proteases. Methods Enzymol 8 0 ~588-6092 : Yurt R, Austen K F 1977 Preparative purification of the rat mast cell chymase. Characterization and interaction with granule components.

Detection of cells bearing IgE receptors in unstimulated mononuclear cells by means of a monoclonal antibody. Eur J lmmunol 16:815-821 Delespesse G, Sarfati M, Rubio-Trujillo M, Wolowiec T 1986b IgE receptors on human lymphocytes. 111. Expression of IgE receptors on mitogen-stimulated mononuclear cells. Eur J Immunol 16:1043-1047 Froese A 1980 The presence of two kinds of receptors for IgE on rat mast cells. J Immunol 125~981-987 Froese A 1984 Receptor for IgE on mast cells and basophils. Prog Allergy 34:142-187 Novartis Foundation Symposium Edited by Derek Chadwick, David Evered, Julie Whelm Copyright 0 1989 by Ciba Foundation Different mast cell mediators produced by different mast cell phenotypes Michael F.

Frost: I am interested in the levels of IL-4 in atopic and non-atopic individuals. What is known about that? de Weck: We have investigated (Gauchat et a1 1989) the mRNA expression of IL-4 and interferon-y in blood mononuclear cells of atopic and non-atopic patients. There is apparently more IL-4 and less interferon-y being produced by atopic individuals. This correlates roughly with serum IgE levels. REFERENCES Gauchat D, Gauchat JF, de Weck AL, Stadler BM 1989 Cytokine gene expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes from atopic blood donors.

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