Cisco AVVID Wireless LAN Design

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Different data rates are achieved by sending a more redundant signal on the wireless link, allowing data to be more easily recovered from noise. The number of symbols sent out for a packet at the 1 Mbps data rate is greater than the number of symbols used for the same packet at 11 Mbps. This means that sending data at the lower bit rates takes more time than sending the equivalent data at a higher bit rate. 5 Mbps 74190 11 Mbps The diameter of the coverage (circles shown in Figure 2-6), depends upon factors such as power and antenna gain.

So, which standard should an organization select? Each has its strengths. 11b standard is its widespread acceptance and broad product availability, although bandwidth is limited. 11a standard has the capability to drive the high-bandwidth applications that will characterize the future WLAN. 11a also supports more channels (no overlapping channels)—making the RF deployment more flexible. Fortunately, organizations do not need to choose between technologies when considering a WLAN infrastructure.

Security Policy RF design can be used to minimize the RF radiation in coverage areas or directions not required. For example, if WLAN coverage is required only in the buildings, then the amount of RF coverage outside the building can be minimized by AP placement and directional antennas. Cisco AVVID Wireless LAN Design 956608 2-17 Chapter 2 WLAN Radio Frequency (RF) Design Considerations Planning for RF Deployment RF Environment The performance of the WLAN and its equipment depends upon its RF environment.

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