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Written to entice a large viewers, 802. 1X Port-Based Authentication seeks to outline this advanced suggestion in available phrases and to discover its a number of purposes to modern laptop networks utilizing this actual community protocol. this article assumes that the reader could have very little past wisdom and just a common knowing of computing device networking, proposing an introductory review in addition to a topic review in each one bankruptcy.

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There can also be a redundant router for each of the VLANs, providing failover should any one fail. ” Scalable VLANs on a given access switch should not be advertised or configured on all the other switches in the network. Controlling the scope of the VLANs allows the network to be more scalable because now adding a new switch is easy and does not require reconfiguring other devices. VLAN Trunk Protocol VLAN Trunk Protocol (VTP) is a Cisco proprietary protocol that allows automation of updating and managing the VLAN database across multiple switches.

Here is a list of those devices: NN Cisco 526 Wireless Express Mobility Controller NN Cisco 521 Wireless Express Access Point Summary Wow, the first chapter is down! You have covered quite a few things here already. Remember, the chapter started off looking at how networks used to be designed with the three-layer hierarchical design model. You’ll want to remember the three layers (access, distribution, and core) and their basic functions in a network. From the basic three-layer model, you moved on to the Enterprise Composite Network Model.

I will be discussing trunk ports in the section, “Trunk Ports,” later in the chapter. Voice Traffic Considerations One thing that you have to get used to in networking is that as soon as you make a rule, you have to make a new rule to break the first one. I just said that an access port can only be assigned to one VLAN. That is true most of the time, except in a voice VLAN configuration. With so many networks today becoming converged (by converged I mean a network that carries more than just application data like Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or email), most switches allow you to add a second VLAN to an access port for voice traffic.

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