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Written to entice a vast viewers, 802. 1X Port-Based Authentication seeks to outline this advanced notion in obtainable phrases and to discover its numerous functions to modern-day laptop networks utilizing this actual community protocol. this article assumes that the reader can have very little earlier wisdom and just a common figuring out of machine networking, providing an introductory assessment in addition to a subject matter review in every one bankruptcy.

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4 with 4 GB of available disk space. ) • VPNSC—For VPN service provisioning, auditing, SLA monitoring, and accounting. VPNSC also uses CIPM for configuration downloads/uploads. htm • Cisco AR—For AAA functionality. 5 is used. 7, 128 MB of RAM, and 80 MB of disk space. 0 is appropriate. 6, and Solaris 7. 5(1) GUI also runs on Windows 95 and Windows 98. • NetFlow—For usage accounting of non-PPP connections. Only NetFlow Collector is needed. 0 runs on either Sun Ultra 1 or higher with at least 128 MB of RAM, 512 MB of swap space, and 4 GB of disk space.

Accounting The service provider AAA server or RADIUS proxy on the VHG/PE maintains accounting records, including MLP information, for the duration of the backup session. Overview of Dial-out Access In dial-out remote access, instead of a remote user or CE initiating a call into the MPLS VPN, the connection is established by traffic coming from the MPLS VPN and triggering a call from the dial-out router to the remote CE. Dial-out access can use either L2TP or direct ISDN architecture. Dial-out is often used for automated functions.

Table 2-1 lists the platforms supported for the NAS. p=Har dware:AS5800 VHG/PE Routers The VHG/PE router terminates the L2TP-tunneled session and places it in the correct customer VRF, passing it on to the MPLS core network. Table 2-2 lists the platforms supported for the VHG/PE. p=Har dware:6400 Overview of Direct ISDN PE Dial-in Remote Access In direct ISDN PE dial-in access to an MPLS VPN, a NAS functions as both NAS and PE. ) In contrast to an L2TP dial-in access session, the PPP session is placed directly in the appropriate VRF for the MPLS VPN, rather than being forwarded to a network concentrator by a tunneling protocol.

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